Florence Restaurant

The Tuscan culinary tradition is one of the most famous in Italy. With simple and peasant origins, typical local foods are nonetheless rich and tasty dishes with vegetables, pulses, local meat and fresh fish. These are some of the specialities not to be missed:
- Pappa al pomodoro - a thick soup with fresh tomatoes, bread, garlic and herbs.
- Ribollita - another famous Tuscan soup with bread and a mix of vegetables, cannellini beans, cabbage and silver beet.
- Lardo di Colonnata - cured pork lard mostly served as appetiser.
- Lampredotto - tripe cooked with tomatoes, onion, parsley and celery.
- Caciucco - fish and seafood stew in tomato sauce.
- Bistecca alla Fiorentina - the famous Florentine T-bone steak.

Ristorante Flora & Fauno - a Lungarno restaurant in Florence
Flora & Fauno is the restaurant at Ville sull'Arno hotel in Florence, a luxury boutique resort hotel located along the Arno riverside.
The restaurant dining rooms, finely furnished in elegant and floral dàcor like the rest of the hotel, will welcome you to a magic and sophisticated ambience, the perfect choice for romantic restaurants in Florence.
The encounter of delicate Flora and wild Fauno is the main theme our chef Martin Vitaloni has given to the menu of the restaurant, where the tradition of Tuscan foods and primary use of local ingredients meet exciting new combinations of flavours in revisiting dishes with a unique twist.
If you can't get enough of the delicacies you will enjoy on your table at Flora & Fauno, we also organise cooking lessons for small groups upon request where you will be able to learn the culinary secrets of Tuscan tradition!