Hotel with bikes in Florence

Florence by bike is something you shouldn't miss: streets along Arno River around our hotel are just perfect to enjoy the Renaissance city on two wheels. Also people who live in Florence Italy take their bike to get around in town, as this is the best mean to reach any point of the small yet hectic city.

In Florence Italy, bikes are everywhere, and the bike paths allow to be safe and careless on the streets. Ville sull'Arno allows its guests ti use bikes to reach their destinations night and day: in this way, they can forget about finding the right bus to the city center or rent a car. By bike, the beauty of Florence can be experienced more closely, the atmosphere of the city itself can be appreciated at its best by bike. Get o your bike and reach Piazza del Duomo in a few minutes, with all ease and comfort.

The pedestrian areas of Florence can be reached only walking and with this precious and clean mean, a true gift that Ville sull'Arno reserves to you. Enjoy the bike tours of Florence offered to you by Ville sull'Arno.