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Riccardo Balconi
Resident Manager at Ville Sull'Arno

When did you start working with Planetaria Hotels? 
In November 2011, at Hotel Villa Appiani, passing through Genoa and Rome. From November 2016, I have been in Florence.

What do you think sets your hotel apart? 
The location, along the banks of the Arno river, the history of a Villa that dates back to the 1400s and the atmosphere that is breathed in from the very entrance.

Which aspect is most appreciated by your guests? 
The furnishings of the rooms and common areas, the atmosphere that you sense within the hotel, the view of the Arno and the intimacy of the SPA.

How is the Planetaria Hotels philosophy of BE AS YOU ARE expressed in your hotel? 
Every guest is free to express themselves and feel at home. We build a direct relationship with everyone.

Is there a secret area of your hotel in which you love to spend time?
Personally, on the terrace of the Bar, where you can admire the river and enjoy the tranquillity that it transmits.

Name a place in Florence to be explored. 
Piazza Santo Spirito, its cathedral, its typical shops, to experience Florence like a true Florentine!


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