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Social Responsibility

Ville sull'Arno has passionately and proudly supported CasAmica Onlus for several years, a voluntary organization that for over thirty years has welcomed sick people and their families forced to stay away from home, even for long periods, to receive the care they need from hospital facilities. In order for the word hospitality to truly take on a profound and concrete meaning, Leon's Place Hotel is committed to supporting CasAmica's projects and spreading its knowledge and values.

The Association manages six reception homes in Rome, Milan and Lecco.

CasaAmica onlus

Since 2023, Ville sull'Arno has been a member of Valuable, the European network of socially responsible companies in the hospitality sector which in Florence relies on the Associazione Trisomia 21 APS; their objective is to promote the employment inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities through the dissemination of targeted placements, internships and hiring in the hospitality sector.

CasaAmica onlus